The host of Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater

In his early days, Zarbon worked as a fashion model for various "Before & After" cosmetic ads. The products where fake and didn’t work right, but people bought them anyway because Zarbon had gone from being so ugly to being so... very... very beautiful. But anywho, after that fell through, he auditioned for a little low budget show called Dragon Ball Z. He got the part as well as the job of "wardrobe and set designer." He went on to have a nice long run on the show and gained a rather loyal fan base. After the show, he did some odd jobs as a model and helped a few old friends jump-start their businesses by being a spokesperson for them.

Since finishing his run on Dragon Ball Z with a brilliantly fight choreographed by the green marvel himself Zarbon signed up for "Surviving Together" along with just about every other member of the DBZ show. Once again he was picked as the lead set designer. He also introduced the world to Zarra his sister during to project. And again, after a long and fruitful run, he was once again killed off.

Thinking his career in show business was nearly over, he decided to have one last hurrah; and thus "Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater" was born! He has plans to get many celebrities on the show, but for now; he sticks to old friends from Dragon Ball Z... every person ranging from Nappa to Vegeta have appeared and talked about their new jobs since ending Dragon Ball Z and the following side project Surviving Together.




Co-host of Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater and resident Redneck

Found in a small backwater farm, Nappa was recruited as a laborer to work on a new series called Dragon Ball. Because he couldn’t read or write he was seldom asked to do anything except build things. But when a part on the show’s sequel series, "Dragon Ball Z," called for a large muscle bound moron, every single person on the set looked towards Nappa. Since Nappa couldn’t read, his lines where all lip-synced with another more talented actor. Nappa’s run in the show was the second shortest in the shows history for a lead villain.

Although his run on Dragon Ball Z was short, it was very impressionable and he continued to work as a set builder. He is most well known for his work on the incredible "Million Mile Empty Place," which was a set that looked like an empty barren land but was actually much smaller.

Following Dragon Ball Z and the side project "Surviving Together," he went back to work with his grandmother on the family farm. Years later, he got a call from Zarbon and was asked to appear on Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater. He spoke about his ideas for a show similar to Cirque du Soleil called “Kicking Your Ass.” After becoming co-host of Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater, Nappa was inspired to fulfill his dream. Nappa is currently having auditions for the combatants of “Kicking Your Ass.” He is currently doing well on Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater and is even beginning to learn how to read… good for him.


Susie Sahim


The Boss

Not much is known about the Producer and Animator for Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater. All that is known about her is that she ingests a lot of caffeine beverages. She is the boss and what she says, goes, without question. She is very quiet and reserved (except when Vegeta is around) and speaks with conviction.


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7:52 pm Mar 9, 14

Thanks for your loyalty folks! We've finished scripts, storyboards and are nearly done voicing season 1 of dragon mall quest. more details coming soon.

Fun fact, we have a stupid dragon named "Shenshort" in our new series. If you were a fan of ZMT Ep12, you'll love Shenshort.

3:57 pm Feb 5, 14

I love this so much

3:40 pm Sep 21, 13


The new envy
11:48 pm Aug 23, 13

Hey guys, I miss this stuff so much. I still wish I could be a mod someday lol, I remember all the fun stuff and the reoccurring flame-war-er. This is a legendary parody!

10:33 pm Jun 3, 13

still goes to this site to get a good laugh in 2013

5:37 pm Jul 22, 12

Been a long time since I have been on this site and come to find great news. Thank you all at ZMT.

1:23 pm Apr 23, 12

Cool I can show some of my friends these old shows. Still funny as hell

9:07 am Mar 28, 12

Mmm, zmt on youtube. Now I can show all the ugly people my beautiful self... Mmm

8:42 pm Mar 23, 12

whoo! zmt is on youtube xD

8:19 am Mar 23, 12

ZMT is coming to youtube!!! See news post.

2:36 am Mar 1, 12

I still miss this show. Years after it was over it was still very very funny.

The new envy
12:53 am Jan 9, 12

Damn, I miss this site. Hope your all doing well =D

2:44 pm Jul 8, 11

If you're interested, I'm posting info about my wedding at

1:15 pm May 21, 11

congrats susie! go girl!

11:31 pm Feb 17, 11

Congrats on getting married Susie!~

3:30 pm Feb 15, 11

Congrads Susie, I hope UR sharing the duties of getting UR wedding setup... = )

3:34 pm Feb 7, 11

sorry dudes. work has been busy and i'm planning my wedding. in august once the wedding is over i can get back to my creative stuff!

6:22 am Jan 9, 11

when will surviving together be out? its been 4 years!

4:22 pm Nov 6, 10

After going thru layoffs and lost of work due to BP, I"m gald to say to good to see susie website again

11:58 am Nov 1, 10

We still support you, Susie! We still wait for the day Surviving Together is complete!

11:23 pm Oct 23, 10

dang i miss how everyone used to log on this website. at least we still have the episodes to treasure over and over lol

10:36 am Oct 20, 10

XvegetalX i know what you mean dude. when i sign on theres always guests and no members XD

2:22 pm Oct 11, 10

lol i am the only one on always!

2:22 pm Oct 11, 10

lol i am the only one on always!

12:41 pm Oct 9, 10

kraka-jack-a-ma-flaka-dack stupid bastards!x

12:39 pm Oct 9, 10

apparrentally not

12:39 pm Oct 9, 10

:broly: i wanted 2 see if this would work

2:31 pm Oct 7, 10

LOL asked if was gay

3:27 pm Oct 2, 10


6:51 am Oct 2, 10

the end was SADEST!


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